The Mighty Hambones

Jumpin' Rhythm 'n' Blues, Boogie Jive

Created in 2013 with experienced musicians, The Mighty Hambones play mid-tempo black music. The sound is perfect for jive and boogie dancing and revives the feel of a smoky juke joint in the late 40's.


Band members

  • Hamp Goes Wild – vocals and boogie piano
  • Pat Madison – vocals and double bass
  • The Wolf Man – blues harp and saxophone
  • Pistolero Pepe – drums and shouts



The Mighty Hambones – Train kept a rollin' 


Classic 50's Rock 'n' Roll

The Geneva based trio from the 90's is now back as a pounding quintet. Singer Vince Casella with a voice damn close to Elvis makes this sound outstanding. With Pat Péray, one of the best guitar players in the rock 'n' roll scene, this band makes every gig a «smack-in-the-face» party.


Band members

  • Vince Casella – vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Pat Péray – lead guitar
  • Olivier Comte – piano
  • Pat Madison – double bass
  • Stéphane – drums

Daddy'O – Big Hunk o' Love

Former Projects

  • Rewinders – vocals and double bass
  • Arizona H-Bombs – vocals and double bass
  • Madison Trio – vocals and double bass

Rewinders 10''

Arizona H-Bombs

Rewinders live

Madison Trio